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ADS provides many purchasing plans. We hope that you will find a plan that matches your business needs.

Rent-Ware Windows Web

Setup Fee Per Month/Per Location *,**
$299.00 $79.95

*Support and updates are included with RentWare Windows Web.

** Includes Credit Card Capture Option with (1) one card scanner. (processing fees not included)

Rent-Ware Windows Purchase Plan


Support & Updates*,**

Single User Single Site $1295.00 $150.00 Per Quarter $500.00 Annually
Network - Single Site $1795.00 $220.00 Per Quarter $700.00 Annually
Enterprise $2295.00 $220.00 Per Quarter $700.00 Annually

* First 3 months of support and updates are free with purchase of RWW.

** An additional $70.00 charge per site for the Enterprise edition.

Rent-Ware Windows PC,PM

Per Car/Per Month *,**,*** Support & Updates
Single / Multi User $2.99 Per car, Per month with a $29.99 Minimum FREE !
Hosting $50.00 per location FREE !

* This is $2.99 per car per month not Contract. This is based on number of cars rented, not contracts. I.e. If your company rented 12 cars out of your fleet no matter how many times your payment would be $35.88.

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