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Jim Schalberg Announces

Completion of Renters Collision Insurance Interface with Rent Ware!

Rock Hill, South Carolina Oct 24, 2006 Renters Collision Insurance is taking the industry by storm. Over 200 rental locations now offer the Renters Collision Insurance to their customers at point of sale.Rent Ware is the first rental software company to recognize the impact Renters Collision Insurance is having on the industry! The interface is a major step forward in making the sale of Renters Collision Insurance even easier!

Chris Rice, President of Argo Development, Inc., makers of Rent Ware said, "We wanted to be in the forefront of this tide of change in the industry." Chris Rice went on to say, "Schalberg.com and Argo Development, Inc. will make a great team in providing our customers with Renters Collision Insurance with the simple click of the mouse!"

Renters Collision Insurance, an AIG Product, is actual insurance the customer can buy at point of sale that will pay for any damage done to the rental car as well as loss of use. There have been over 14,000 contracts sold over the internet, by Schalberg.com to date.

"The interface created by Chris and his folks, as well as their support and understanding, will make the sales process a one click, secure and reliable sale." said Jim Schalberg of Schalberg.com. "Chris understands how important this product is to his customers and took the proactive step to add this to his system."

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About Schalberg.com, Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Training

Schalberg.com, Jim Schalberg Auto Rental Training is a wholly owned company dedicated to "Helping our customers sell more rental days!".For more information about Renters Collision Insurance or Schalberg.com call 800-396-9128 Or visit our website.

Website: http://www.schalberg.com

About Argo Development Systemsmakers of RentWare!

Argo Development Systems develops rental management software like Rent-Ware Windows for the auto rental industry as well as motorcycle, & watercraft since 1986.For information on Argo Development Systems and RentWare call Chris Rice at 877-285-9090.

Website: http://www.winrent.com

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