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Argo introduces Rent-Ware Windows Web

Rent-Ware Windows now on the Web

Today's Date -- In it's efforts to stay ahead of the curve, Argo Development is announcing their new Rent-Ware Windows Web version. Customers can access their database from anywhere that has Internet connectivity. For Rental companies that use wireless Internet access with their PC's, this is very useful. Whether the agent is in the driveway of the Rental office or passenger pickup area at the airport. Speed and customer convenience is what it's all about.

  • Rental companies with more than one branch or location, but using the same pool of vehicles can streamline their operations because they will all be using the same database.
  • Your database is stored on Argo Developments, multiple processor, high speed, secure server which allows for fast access along with stability and scheduled backups. No more having to remember to backup your database, we do it for you.
  • Never do another another live update. Since the Rent-Ware application runs on our server updates are done automatically.



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